Premium tempera blocks for children

Available in many colours and with a diameter of 44 mm or 55 mm.

For our premium tempera blocks for children we also use fine pigments of high quality. Because of the comprehensive colour intensity and the high pigmentation, children have a special experience when painting. This is additionally supported by the size of the tempera blocks, which are adapted to children's motor skills.

Our colour spectrum includes more than 30 colour tones, including gold and silver and neon tones.

Our tempera blocks comply with EN 71.

Made in Germany

ANGORA - Premium tempera blocks


ANGORA - Premium tempera blocks NEON (5-Pack)

Art.-No. NEON

ANGORA - Premium tempera blocks Gold / Silver

Art.-No. GS

ANGORA - Color Bears set

Art.-No. MB

ANGORA - 6 Premium tempera blocks 44 mm

Art.-No. XXL6x44P

ANGORA - 6 Premium tempera blocks 55 mm

Art.-No. XXL6x55P

ANGORA - 8 Premium tempera blocks 44 mm

Art.-No. XXL8x44P

ANGORA - 8 Premium tempera blocks 55 mm

Art.-No. XXL8x55P

ANGORA - Holding trays

Art.-No. Steckpaletten

All available colours: see our colour chart