Innovation und know-how of many years


Messrs. A. Liebetruth & Wieland, founded 1872 in Nuremberg, had in their over 125 years of operation accumulated a broad and comprehensive know-how in the production of high quality, highly pigmented transparent and opaque watercolours. This was even more complemented with the take-over of Messrs. Weghorn & Recht by A. Liebetrud & Wieland. 

Einer der ersten Angora-MalkästenThe watercolour sets produced in that fashion, had been distributed mainly under the brand “ANGORA”. As there was no heir apparent, the owners decided, to pass on the operation to FINETEC Metallpuder GmbH & Co. KG in 2008, who entered a co-operation with Messrs. On the 1st. of July 2014 Draw.TEC GmbH & Co. KG took over the production and distribution of these colour products as well as the brandnames "angora" and "FINETEC". The production continues, based on the same procedures and know-how and the high quality and colour brilliancy of the transparent and opaque watercolours as well as tempera blocks is guaranteed also for the future.


Our products confirm to EN 71 and have been certified by THE ART & CREATIVE MATERIALS INSTITUTE (ACMI).

Our transparent and opaque watercolours as well as tempera blocks are exclusively produced in Germany at the company’s base in Emskirchen near Nuremberg. The brand “Angora” and "FINETEC" will be used further on and remains a core part of our assortment. To make our program more comprehensive, suitable products have been added such as high quality colour and graphite pencils, crayons as well as compass instruments.

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The company Draw.TEC GmbH & Co. KG, which is the holder of the trademark "FINETEC" (No. 004840435), has entered into a partnership with Reißzeugfabrik Seelig GmbH & Co. KG for producing and distributing the new FINETEC pearlescent colours. Our partner Reißzeugfabrik Seelig GmbH & Co. KG is authorized to use our "FINETEC" brand name for these new colour products.